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Mangrove Trimming

Restore Your View by Controlling Your Trees!


 Need Professional Mangrove Trimmers?

are protected by the State of Florida's "Mangrove Trimming and Preservation Act" and the State of Florida enforces the statutes protecting Mangroves.  All Mangrove trimming is performed under the supervision of our 
Certified Arborist who is Professional Mangrove Trimmer and we will work closely with homeowners and businesses to protect the important functions of these trees.  We provide trimming and pruning to quickly restore your view or help you maintain a cool shady canopy!


Mangrove Trim will get your mangroves under control! 

We beautify the East Coast of Florida, from Daytona Beach to Key West!

Every job is under the supervision and involvement of an ISA Certified Arborist who is an expert at trimming your mangroves!

Our more frequent project locations include:
New Smyrna Beach
Merritt Island
Melbourne Beach
Fort Pierce
Vero Beach
St. Lucie
Jensen Beach
Hobe Sound

We are certified, insured and ready to serve! 

Reduction Trimming-tall mangroves often require stage trimming...when required we lower the canopy in proper stages

Maintenance Trimming
-mangroves are in large hedges and swampy conditions...we'll have your waterfront looking beautiful! 

Permit Agent-permitting is a headache...We work with the state and local regulatory agencies, file, process and coordinate your permits

Restoration- mitigation is sometimes needed on large projects...we remove nonnative and exotic plants and trees and restore with the planting of upland, aquatic and mangrove species
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If you'd like a FREE FDEP Homeowners Guide to Mangrove Trimming, then please send your mailing address and we'll mail it to you!

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